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Applied Biologics


What is applied biologics?

Applied Biologics is a worldwide preeminent source of regenerative medicine technology and clinical research. Applied Biologics is the provider of FloGraft and XWrap. These human cellular and tissue-based products (HCT/Ps) are minimally manipulated amniotic fluid and amniotic membrane products.


FloGraft is cryopreserved, liquid, injectable amniotic fluid-derived allograft. FloGraft injections are commonly used for joint pain, partial thickness tendon tears, inflammatory joint effusion, sprains, strains, and chronic non-healing wounds. The hyaluronic acid in the amniotic fluid, along with the growth factors stimulates wound healing, bone and tendon repairs, as well as improves nerve function. On FSS contract.


XWrap is a regenerative, anti-adhesive, anti-inflammatory, and anti-microbial amnion derived biological wrap, cover, or patch. XWrap is intended for, but not limited to use for chronic wound repair such as DFUs, VLUs, and Pressure Ulcers. Available in multiple sizes and can be cut to conform to the application. Please contact for more information on Medicare reimbursement, HCPCS Code: Q4204.

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