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What is jobst/bsn?

Official distributor of BSN products 

BSN medical provides a wide range of non-invasive Orthopedic, Wound Care/Vascular, and Lymphology products. Offering quality products for orthopedics covering the entire continuum of care from acute to rehab including:

  • Splinting (Ortho-Glass)

  • Braces & Supports (Actimove)

  • Casting (Delta Cast and Delts-Lite)

  • Taping & Bandaging

  • Padding & Stockinette

  • Accessories

BSN offers an integrated therapy solution for fast, effective wound healing. The Cutimed advanced wound care products can manage a variety of wound depths, wound phases, as well as exudate levels.

  • REMOVE exudate and bacteria: Cutimed Sorbact feat. Bacteria-binding technology

  • REBUILD tissue: Cutimed Epiona Native Collagen Dressiong

  • REDUCE edema: JOBST Compression therapy; Reduce pressure: Cutimed Off-Loader Select

  • PREVENT recurrence: JOBST Compression wear




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