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What is recoveryrx?

RecoveryRX is a new evidence-based, drug-free, wearable medical device that effectively reduces post-operative pain. This technology works by neuromodulation, the regulation of afferent nerve activity in the body. The RecoveryRX device is applied immediately after the procedure, placed on top of the bandage or dressing, and easily worn by the patient 24/7 for the first 7 days. 


  • Enhanced post-operative pain relief

  • Reduced need for pain medication

  • Works synergistically with existing post-operative pain management protocols

  • Affordable and easy to use


New physicians can receive complimentary Evaluation Units in exchange for feedback.

How to Apply

  1. To activate the device, peel the white plastic tab off the back of the module. This will expose the on/off button

  2. Push the on/off button and hold it down for about 2 seconds. The green LED light on the opposing side will come on to signal the device is now active

  3. Position the wire loop around/over the area of pain. It can be conveniently placed on top of bandaged wounds as well.


$50 per pack

*Minimum of 5 per order

Existing registered physician offices can order directly. New medical providers interested in implementing this device, please fill out Physician Office Evaluation and New Account Setup Form. 

Please fax or email completed form: 

Fax: 1-888-518-9288


Resources below include the MOA and current clinical studies:

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