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Comfort Cane

What is a strongarm Comfort cane?

StrongArm Comfort Cane is a Self Standing Support Cane designed with you in mind. Since inception, StrongArm has been working towards crafting a truly innovative mobility device. 

StrongArm was guided by 3 principles: Strength so you feel safe and secure, Support so you have the confidence to regain your independence, and Comfort so you can breeze through your day!


StrongArm is an FDA approved ergonomic cane that can be used on both right and left arms.

The Difference...

The StrongArm Comfort Cane provides the ultimate support and stability for your mobility needs.

The ergonomic cane that helps you stand up from a seated position, confidently and safely without wobble.

When standing from a seated position StrongArm’s unique design offers that hand up without the need to push off an armrest or the struggle to find your balance as you stand. 

  • Ergonomic Hand-grip:

    • Shifts weight from the wrist to the forearm providing additional stability and control

  • Perfect Height & Fit

    • Feather- light aluminum construction with 12 adjustments settings & Supp up to 500lbs 

    • The StrongArm Comfort Cane is designed for anyone from 4'8"- 6'10" but can vary depending upon the length of your arms. ​

  • Self Standing Base

    • Improve traction & stability while keeping the StrongArm right by your side

  • Stand with Independence

    • Feel confident without the need to push off an arm rest as you stand

Available in black, bronze or blue.


Save $5.00 when you use code "SANDLOT" at checkout

How StrongArm


The StrongArm® Comfort Cane is a game changing stability cane, blending the simplicity of traditional canes with the support, stability, and control of a crutch. The StrongArm is what walking canes should feel like.

Feel instant stability from our walking cane with the revolutionary handle that keeps you walking upright and looking forward instead of down or hunched over.

*Starting at $69.95.

Save $5 with "SANDLOT" code at check out. 

Medical Offices interested in reselling this product or VA clinics looking to buy this product in bulk, please contact our team. 

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